AU PAIR – Mattia a Worcester, UK


  • Nome ▷ Mattia
  • Destinazione ▷ Worcester, UK
  • Durata progetto ▷ Agosto 2017 – 12 mesi

Hello everyone! My name is Mattia and I’m 22 years old. I come from a town near the city of Bergamo and, since the end of August 2016, I’ve been au pairing in England.

As a matter of fact, before taking my graduation in “Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication” from the University of Milan, I thought that it was essential for me to live in an English-speaking Country in order to make my English perfect. Thus I decided to become an au pair because of my experience with children and, few months before my graduation, I started all the procedures to become an au pair with the Association “Porta Nuova Europa”.MATTIA 1

In May 2016, I was contacted by my actual host family and, after two meetings through Skype and a deep reflection, I accepted to become part of this family. I left home on the 22th of August and I’ve been au pairing since then. In particular, I’m working in the city of Worcester, which is more or less 40 minutes far from the city of Birmingham. I’m looking after two brothers of 11 and 9 years old and sometimes I have to give their 16 years old sister lifts back and forth from school. My host kids live with their grandparents, because of the sudden death of their mother 5 years ago, and, therefore, you can imagine the difficulty that they have experienced and are still experiencing nowadays.

I work 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday; however sometimes I have to babysit also during the weekends, when my host grandparents want to go out or have specific commitments. I have a specific routine for my work days: I wake up at 6.20 am, so I have plenty of time to take all the dishes off from the dishwasher and have breakfast. Then I prepare the lunchbox for my host kids before waking them up; afterwards, while they are having their daily shower, I tidy up their bedrooms and prepare their school uniform . After their breakfast, it’s time to take them to school. When I come back, generally I tidy up the kitchen and I do the boys’ laundry and, twice a week, I attend a ESOL course (English for Speakers of Other Languages) at the local College.
When I don’t have to go to college, after my house duties, such as taking the rubbish out or tidying up the boys’ rooms, I have free time. Usually I watch a bit of television or I read books in order to improve my language skills and, on Wednesday, I meet with my au pair friends for a coffee. In the afternoon, I pick the boys up from school and, at home, I help them do their homework and, in particular, I’m helping the little one with his reading homework because he suffers from dyslexia.
Furthermore, I take the boys to their afternoon activities and I walk the dog or I sometimes cook, even though my host grandparents generally want to prepare dinner. After tea (as dinner is called in England), I wash up and fill the dishwasher and, afterwards, I spend the evening with my host family or, if I’m very tired, I stay in my bedroom. During the weekends, I can do whatever I want. Usually my friends and I organise day trip to other cities or we go out for a meal and then we go to the cinema.


The main advantage of living in a city like Worcester is the position, in fact it’s located in the middle of the UK so it’s easy and quick to travel to bigger cities such as London or Birmingham. Moreover there are a lot of interesting places to visit here as well, thus it’s not complicated at all to find something to do during our days off. In addition, meeting people and going out can be advantageous from a language point of view, because you have the possibility of speaking in English all the time and, so, to improve your knowledge of this wonderful language.

When I don’t go out, my amazing host family always invite me to spend the day with them and their friends, making me really feel part of the family. Being an au pair has its perks and disadvantages, like everything in life, but I think it’s a perfect experience to grow up as a person and, at the same time, improve your knowledge of a foreign language and culture.

Indeed, I don’t regret my decision to become an au pair at all|!